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 District Amroha ( previously called Jyotiba Phule Nagar) has been created by state Government on 15th April 1997 with its headquarters at Amroha. The district is comprised of erstwhile three tahsils viz Amroha, Dhanaura and Hasanpur of district Moradabad.Presently comprises 4 tehsils namely Amroha,Dhanaura,Hasanpur and Naugaon Sadat. In the historical perspective, the present area of the district refers to be a part of kingdom of North Panchala Desh with its capital at Ahichhatra, presently situated in Bareilly district. It is said that during the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, the governor of Sambhal, Rustam Khan built a fort and compelled traders and agriculturists to settle around it. Raja Amarjodha, of the Bansi dynasty, was the ruler of region Amroha in 474 B.C.

Amroha Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh.

Amroha is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh state in India. It is located north-west of Moradabad, near the Sot River. It is the administrative headquarters of the Amroha district.

Amroha is a city in UP. As per the final data of 2011 census, Amroha had a population of 198,471. Population of Children with age of 0-6 is 28323 which is 14.27% of total population of Amroha (NPP). In Amroha Nagar Palika Parishad, Female Sex Ratio is of 925 against state average of 912. Moreover, Child Sex Ratio in Amroha is around 950 compared to Uttar Pradesh state average of 902. Literacy rate of Amroha city is 62.36% lower than state average of 67.68%. In Amroha, Male literacy is around 66.73% while female literacy rate is 57.61%.

Vasudev Mandir and Tulsi park, Uttar Pradesh.


Amroha is known for its production of mangoes. Some of the industries in Amroha include cotton & textiles, and small-scale production of cotton cloth, hand-loom weaving, pottery making, sugar milling and secondary ones are carpet manufacturing, wood handicrafts and dholak manufacturing.

Ashraful Masajid in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh.

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