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Barabanki is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. It is the administrative headquarters of Barabanki District. The city is about 30 km east of Lucknow, the state capital.

Barabanki Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh.


This city has produced some well known personalities like the legendary K D Singh “Babu”, a famous hockey player.Legendary film actor Naseeruddin Shah was born in Barabanki. The famous Shiva temple “Mahadewa” is also located in this district only. Its situated approx 30 Km from Barabanki on the Lucknow Behraich Road, popularly known as Buddhist Circuit (bauddh paripath). Barabanki has produced some other prominent personalities like Khumar Barabankwi, the famous poet, and Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, an eminent political figure.

As per provisional data of the 2011 census, the Barabanki urban agglomeration had a population of 146,831, with 77,766 males and 69,065 females. The literacy rate was 81.85%.

The district’s economy is primarily based on agriculture. Agriculture, bio-gas plants, animal husbandry, small-scale industries provide direct and indirect employment to the people of district.

In Barabanki net irrigated area is 84.2 per cent as compared to U.P. 79.0 per cent. The intensity of irrigation in Barabanki is 176.9 per cent where as it is 140.0 per cent in U.P. In district Barabanki irrigation facility is above the state average. In Barabanki most of irrigation is done by private Tubewells and canals, which are 69.0 and 29.9 per cent respectively, whereas in U.P. it is 87.9 and 20.9 per cent respectively. In Barabanki irrigation by state Tubewells and other sources like pond/river, etc. are comparatively less than the state average.

In district Barabanki subsistence agriculture is practiced. Farmers rotate up to five crops round the year. The dominant crops are cereals mainly paddy and wheat covering 34.4 and 31.3 per cent respectively lands of gross cropped area, whereas in UP, it is 23.1 and 40.6 per cent respectively. Overall in Barabanki, cereal crops occupy 68.4 per cent area when in UP, it occupies 73.2 per cent area. In Barabanki overall pulses occupy 10.1 per cent, when in UP, it is 11.6 per cent. Total foodgrains area in Barabanki is 78.5 per cent, when in U.P., it is 84.9 per cent. Area under sugarcane is quite less, i.e. 3.6 per cent, whereas in UP, it is 9.5 per cent. Barabanki is one of the big potato producing areas in UP, potato covers 2.8 per cent of sown area in district which is higher than UP average which is less than 2.0 percent. Wheat, rice and maize are chief food crops of the district. Opium, menthol oil, sugarcane, fruits (Mango, Banana, Mushroom, etc.), vegetables (potato, tomato etc.) flowers (Gladiolus etc.), spices,  etc. are chief cash crops of district. District also exports Mangoes and vegetables. Barabanki has been major hub of opium production since the days of British rule involving thousands of farmers, Barabanki district opium officer is based at Afeem Kothi is the only one in the state dealing with opium production.

Deva Sharif, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh.


Barabanki district is leading the country in menthol farming. Barabanki’s menthol cultivation is spread over 20,000 acres (81 sq.kms.).

Apart from crop farming, Livestock based farming system, Broiler farming, and Fish cultivation is also prevalent in the district, Bee keeping  is also practiced in the Dewa block of the district.

District has ‘Regional Agriculture Seed Testing & Demonstration Station’ of Department of Agriculture of Government of India.

In 2004 Indian Council of Agriculture Research’a National Academy of Agriculture Research Management has established a Krishi Vigyan Kendra under Narendra Dev University of Agriculture and Technology in the district. Institute for Integrated Society Development has established one Rural Technology Development and Dissemination Centre in the year 2002 at Nindura Block of Barabanki District. National Fertilizers Limited has established a Soil Testing Lab in the district. Information and Communication Technologies has a centre in the district.

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