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Farrukhabad is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. Farrukhabad district is named after this city.

Farrukhabad is situated between Lat. 26° 46' N & 27° 43' N and Long. 79° 7' E & 80° 2' E. The district is bounded by Badaun and Shahjahanpur on the north, Hardoi District on the east, Kannauj District on the south, and Etah and Mainpuri districts on the west. The Ganga River and Ramganga River are located to the east and the Kali River to the south.

As of 2011 India census, Farrukhabad had a population of 276,581 along with Fatehgarh. Males constitute 52.7% of the population and females 47.3%. Farrukhabad has an average literacy rate of 73.44%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 77.61%, and female literacy is 68.82%.


Farrukhabad railway station, Uttar Pradesh.

The early history of the region now covered by the present district of Farrukhabad goes back to remote antiquity. During the Bronze age, numerous pre historical weapons and tools were found here. Large numbers of stone statues are found at Sankisa & Kampil. Farrukhabad can claim great antiquity in sculpture. The Aryans settled in this region who were close allies of Kurus. The traditional history of the district from the earliest times till the end of The Mahabharata war is gleaned from the Puranas Mahabharata.

‘Amavasu’ founded a kingdom, the capital of which later was Kanyakubja (Kannauj). Jahnu was a powerful king since the river Ganga is said to have been named after him as Jahnaui. This region rose into great prominence during the Mahabharata period. Kampilya was the capital of South Panchala and it was here that the famous Svayamvara of Draupadi. The name Panchala being used for the entire region, of which Kampilya (Kampil) was the chief city which has till then been the capital of South Panchala.

After the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, the references to the district become more frequent. The decay of the Mughal Empire led to the establishment of several independent principalities in north India of which was the territory of Farrukhabad which played an important part in the subsequent history of the district.


Aurangzeb the last Mughal ruler.

In 1665 was born at Mau-Rashidabad (a suburb of Kaimganj) Pathan child, who was named Mohammad Khan. When he was 20, Mohammad Khan joined the bands of Pathan freebooters. At the emperor Farruksiyar’s invitation to join forces with him to suppress his cousin Jahandar Shah, he joined him. when Jahandar Shah was defeated Mohammad Khan was rewarded and received the title of Nawab. After having successfully commanded he obtained leave to return home where he founded the towns of Kaimganj and Mohammadabad. The first name after his eldest son, is not far from Mau-Rashidabad. Mohammadabad (about 23 km. from Farrukhabad) which he named after himself. On a high mound called Kal-ka-khera, he built a fort, of which only the ruins now remain. It is said that Farrukhsiyar became angry when he heard that Mohammad Khan had founded a town in his own name. To abate his benefactor’s wrath, the nawab announced his intention of founding another town which he would name after the emperor. Mohammad Khan asked for and obtained a grant of fifty two Bamtela villages as the site of the new city which he named FARRUKHABAD after Farrukhsiyar, the foundations which were laid in 1714.

Hinduism is majority religion in Farrukhabad and Fatehgarh city with 74.23 % followers. Islam is second most popular religion in city of Farrukhabad and Fatehgarh with approximately 24.67 % following it. In Farrukhabad and Fatehgarh city, Christinity is followed by 0.59 %, Jainism by 0.09 %, Sikhism by 0.15 % and Buddhism by 0.15 %. Around 0.01 % stated 'Other Religion', approximately 0.21 % stated 'No Particular Religion'. 


Map of Farrukhabad District.

District Farrukhabad  has lots of Tourism Places like..

Kampil : Teertha Place for Jainism, temples of Lord Shree Vimal Nath

Sanikisa : Is well known Place for Lord Budhha. Many Tourist of Outside India came to visit this place throught year.

KamalGanj : Shekhpur Mela of Kamalganj is also very famous Place.

Panchal Ghat: Panchal Ghat at river Ganges is also very holyplace.


Panchal Ghat in Farrukhabad District, Uttar Pradesh.

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