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Kanpur Dehat is surrounded by districts Kanpur Nagar, Hamirpur, Jalaun, Auraiya and Kannauj. River Yamuna divides Kanpur Dehat and Jalaun. The district name has been changed to Kanpur Dehat on 30/07/2012. Earlier Kanpur Dehat district was renamed as Ramabai Nagar on 1-7-2010. Initially this district was with Kanpur and then divided and got the name as Kanpur Dehat in year 1977. It has very large stretch of industrial belt starting from Rania to Jainpur.

Map of Kanpur Dehat.


Name Kanpur is a transformed version of its original name Kanhapur given by the two rulers Hindu Singh of Sachendi and Ghanshyam Singh of Ramaipur. The british ruler Hobson Johnson found the word difficult to pronounce and he changed it to Cawnpore. Later it came close to its name as Kanpur.Kanpur Divided into two district namely Kanpur-Nagar and Kanpur-Dehat in year 1977. Reunited again in year 1979. Again seperated in year 1981. District was renamed as Ramabai Nagar by 1857/1-5-2010-114-2010-Ra0-5 dated 1-7-2010. The district has been renamed as Kanpur Dehat vide notification No.946/1-5-2012-123/2012-Rev.-5, dated July 30,2012.

There were 622328 workers according to 1991 census in the district. It is 29% of the entire population. There were 580168 male and 42160 female workers. Female workers are 6.8%.

Kakwan and Sarvankhera blocks rate high in crop density , while Rasulabad, Sandalpur, Derapur rate low in this regard. Main reasons for low cultivation in these blocks are uneven lands and lack of sources of irrigation. Derapur and Sandalpur do well in cash crops, while other blocks do not do so well. Derapur and Jhinjhak rank high from the angle of reported net sown areas, Kakvan and Maitha blocks rank low. Blocks Malasa, Amraudha,Sandalpur and Derapur respectively are counted in developed category regarding cultivation per farmer, while blocks Kakvan and Maitha come in under developed category.

The rural population by and large depends upon agriculture. This hardly supports their sustenance due to small holdings. The labour is not assured throughout the year. Thus they thrive on paltry income. It is evident from above table that 70.1% farmers have less than one hectare of land and these account for only 27.1 per cent of area. This reflects the state of disparities in economic status the people which is largely dependent on ownership of land.

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