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Mainpuri district is one of the districts in Agra division of Uttar Pradesh state of India. Mainpuri town is the district headquarters. It consists of Six tehsils, namely Mainpuri, Bhongaon, Karhal, Kishni, Kurawali and Ghiror. It is bounded on the North by Etah District, on the East by District Farrukkhabad and Kannauj, on the South by District Etawah and on West by the District Firozabad and Etah. It lies between North Latitude 260 53′ to 270 31′ and East Logitude 780 27′ to 790 26′. According to the 2011 census Mainpuri district has a population of 1,847,194. The district has a population density of 670 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,700/sq mi). Mainpuri has a sex ratio of 876 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 78.26%.

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Mainpuri Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh.


Cotton ginning, oilseed milling, and lamp and glass manufacture constitute the prominent industries. Peanut is a prevalent small but well-spread out industry.The town is also renowned for its tobacco and wooden sculptures. A large chunk of population depends on agriculture produce to fulfill the daily needs. Agri-equipments business dominance can be predominantly seen. Siyaram Agency is one of the leading Agri equipment manufacturers in the district.

Fort/Garhi of Mainpuri is situated at old Mainpuri. The said fort is not a spot of tourist interest. It is private property of erstwhile raja of two estates i.e. Mainpuri and Lawan (Dausa, Rajasthan) and repaired, maintained and restored by him.

A district one product (ODDP) scheme has been operated by the UP government. A product has been selected from each district under the scheme. Various schemes are being run by the government for the development of the selected product. Tarakshi handicrafts has been selected in the Mainpuri district under the scheme. There is a provision of giving different levels of help to the entrepreneurs / beneficiaries of Tarakashi Handicrafts selected by the government. There is a provision to provide grant-in-aid financial assistance to various beneficiaries at different levels along with training facilities, marketing, cashmere, toolkit as well as different loan schemes. For the purpose of further development of the product in the district, the loan scheme is also being run by a government under which the beneficiaries will be provided with 25% grant facility with a loan facility of upto 25 lakhs. Currently, interested beneficiaries can apply for financial assistance under chief minister, self employment scheme, Prime Minister Money Scheme, standup scheme.

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One Product Scheme by UP Government, Uttar Pradesh.


Modern places of attraction are Phoolbagh and Lohia Park. Phoolbagh is situated at Jail Chauraha while Lohia Park is situated at District Collectorate. Both the parks have green lawn and fountains.

The ethnic city, Mainpuri, was ruled by the Mughals, Marathas, Afghans and Nawabs in various time periods. Among them the Mughal and Nawabs influenced the culture of the city vastly. The music, dance, architecture, arts and crafts flourished under their rule. Hindu, Muslims, Jains, Buddhist, Christian and Sikhs were the principle communities residing in the city. Festivals are the lifeline for Mainpuri, which create oneness among the multi-caste and multi-religion people. The Hindu culture of joint family system was once adored in the city which has slowly disintegrated in the city due to the rapid industrial development, urban development, economic issues and social feature.

Image result for mainpuri Fort of Maharaja Tej Singh Chauhan

Fort of Maharaja Tej Singh Chauhan, Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh.


Fairs in Mainpuri Cultural fairs, religious fairs and trade fair are much popular in Mainpuri as it invite people of all disciplines to rejoice the occasion. Being the district headquarters these fairs attract large number of visitors and tourist from and the district. Fairs are also common during the festival seasons like Dusshera and Ramlila in Mainpuri. Devji fair in village Uddetpur under Mainpuri Tehsil falls on Chaitra attracts nearly 20,000 persons every Chaitra. Village Bidhuna hosts the biggest bathing fair in Mainpuri to celebrate Kaitiki purnima which brings a lot of devotees to its vicinity. Mainpuri hosts the Kans ka mela on Chaitra and the popular Narain ka mela which is attracts nearly 10,000 people. The 20-day exhibition-cum-trade fair organised at Sheetla Mata Mandir on April in Udetpur Abhai village is also popular in Mainpuri. Fairs in Gurudwara on the occasion of Baisakhi are also attended by people of all religions and castes.

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