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Mau formerly Mau Nath Bhanjan nearly 90 km from Varanasi is the powerhouse of textile weavers in Eastern UP, India. It is a small industrial town on the banks of Ghaghra (Saryu). The Tamasa river flows through the city. The credit of converting this city to a district goes to the (late) Kalpnath Rai (former MP for Ghosi). In 1960s it was the biggest supplier of a plant called plash.

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Mau Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh.


Mau is industrial town of eastern UP. After demise of textile industry of Banares and Mubarakpur, Mau stands as one of the last bastion of textile hubs of UP. A 1998–99 survey of Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) puts number of powerlooms at 58,381.

There are speculations that this huge industry will benefit if GI is awarded to Mau as well as if clusters (of powerlooms, resembling modern industry) are encouraged. But as of date only one cluster has been identified as Palki Industries Pvt. Ltd. with 4100 units as per MSME survey of 2012. Mau also contains three small industrial areas in Tajopur, Shahadatpura and Ghosi.

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Muktidham Temple and Park, Mau, Uttar Pradesh.


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People have described the statue of Lord Vishnu.

District of newborn 05 Tehsil Madhuban that 0 m 0 far north of the shrine town of Madhuban-dohrighat route is a shrine. Here the head of every person to reach tilts with reverence. Here people are Sraddhant before the shrine of Syed Meera Shah, Minnte is seeking to revert back. But Syed Meera Shah, who was? It is still very little known.

The shrine and learn the shrine’s history to go back to the 10th and 11th centuries. In this context, Sheikh Vjehuddin ‘famous Persian book written by Ashraf Lknauri’ Bhrejkwar ‘enough to get some material. In accordance with the facts in the book is the Tomb of those Syed Mira Shah Dargah, Tamerlane whose blessing was ruled by chance seven generations. Not only was blessed also Mirashah emperor Sher Shah Suri of Delhi.

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