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The district of Pilibhit is the north-eastern most district of Rohilkhand division which is situated in the sub Himalayan belt on the boundary of Nepal. It lies between the parallels of 28o6′ and 28o53′ north latitude and the meridians of 79o57′ and 80o27′ east longitude. On the north are the district Udhamsingh Nagar and the territory of Nepal, on the south lies the Shahjahanpur district, on the east the district is flanked for a short distance by district Kheri and for the remaining distance by the Shahjahanpur district and on the west the district of Bareilly.

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Pilibhit Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh.


According to the central statistical organization, the District Pilibhit had an area of 3,504 sq km on July 1, 1971, occupying 49th position in the state. Major part of Pilibhit District is covered by dense forest. Total 78478 hectare is forest. The Sharda canal is the main canal of the district, the others being its branches. Total length of canals in the district is 938 Km. Though Pilibhit District is a bit backword in the area of industry. The main crop in this area is sugar cane. So there are four sugar factories at Majhola, Puranpur, Bisalpur and Pilibhit. Other major units are three solvent plants, one flour mill, one steel plant and one Alcohal Distillery. Small scale industries are Rice mills, engineering units, brick klins, candles and mainly bansuri (flute) manufacturing.

The district Pilibhit has an agriculture-based economy. It has very fertile land, but little industry, and has no mineral extraction area. The industry in the district is mainly based on agriculture. Since the main crop in this area is sugarcane, there are four sugar factories at Majhola, Puranpur, Bisalpur and Pilibhit. Three factories are in co-operative sector and one at Pilibhit is in private sector. The Lalit Hari Sugar Factory is the largest among them. In 2005-06, the Bajaj Industry opened with Bajaj Hindustan Sugar Factory Ltd, in Barkhera area of the district.

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Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, Uttar Pradesh.


The district also has a few cottage industries, including wooden or bamboo flute manufacturing, engineering units, brick klins, candles and zari work. The flutes made in Pilibhit have a big international demand. These flutes are exported to United State, Europe, Japan, Canada, UAE and African countries. Other major units are three solvent plants, four flour mills, one steel plant (a few kilometres from the city) and one alcohol distillery in Majhola town.

According to an article published in Hindustan Times, by a 1991 estimate, 95% of India’s flutes were manufectured in Pilibhit. The craftmen were used to source its bamboo from Barak Valley in Assam. Earlier, there was an unbroken narrow-gauge line running from Silchar, in Assam, via Bihar, and into Pilibhit. On this line, 60-strong bundles of bamboo, each stalk 10 ft long, use to make their way to Pilibhit, but around 15 years ago, sections of that line were removed. Now, the bamboo has to travel on narrow gauge from Silchar to Jiribum, then shift onto a broad-gauge line to travel to Bareilly, the nearest big town, and then reloaded onto narrow gauge to come into Pilibhit.

The main crops of Pilibhit are sugarcane, rice, wheat, pulse, food grains, mustard and oil seeds, which depend upon the seasons. District Pilibhit supplies a large amount of fresh vegetables to Delhi, Lucknow and nearby markets in Uttaranchal. Pilibhit has one of the biggest food grain market in the Uttar Pradesh named as Adarsh Krishi Khadyann Mandi Samiti, which is the main supplier market food grain and vegetable to Uttaranchal.

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Chhathavi Padshahi Gurudwara, Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh.


The dairy industry has been flourished in the area. The district has a lot of livestock, mainly cows, buffalos, goats. The district fulfills its own demand, and supplies the district of Bareilly and various places in Uttaranchal.

The embroidery industry is also one of the major source of income for semi-skilled labor. With help of some NGOs, this industry is growing in the local market, but and at the international level.


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