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Saharanpur district has attained the status as Saharanpur division in 1997 of Uttar Pardesh. Saharanpur city has attained the status as Saharnpur nagar nigam on 01.10.2009 and is 13th municipal corporation in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the administrative headquarters of Saharanpur District as well as Saharanpur Division.Saharanpur is famous for its wood carving cottage industry and earn foreign exchange as well.

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Saharanpur Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh.


As regards its physical features, the north and the northeast of the district is surrounded by Shivalik hills and separates it from the Dehradun district Uttaranchal state. The river Yamuna forms its boundary in the west which separates it from Karnal and Yamunanagar districts of Haryana. In the East lies the district of Haridwar ( of Uttaranchal state presently) which was the part of district Saharanpur before 1989 and in the south lies the district Muzaffarnagar. At the time of the British Rule district Muzaffarnagar was also a part of district Saharanpur.

The district is in a rectangular shape and it lies between 29 degrees 34 minutes 45 seconds and 30 degrees 21 minutes 30 seconds north lattitude and 77 degrees 9 minutes and 78 degrees 14 minutes 45 seconds east longitude. Its total area is 3689 square Kilometers. According to 2001 & 2011 census the population of Saharanpur district are 2149291, 3467332 respectively. Saharanpur is primarily an agricultural district.

Saharanpur is a burgeoning commercial hub and a leading regional centre for wholesale and retail trade, agro based industries and industrial products. Saharanpur is well known for its agricultural produce such as sugar,mangoes and rice.

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Saharanpur city, Uttar Pradesh.


The region is very poor in mineral resources. Limestone stone boulders are the only main minerals. Limestone is found in the Shivalik hills. Stone, hard enough to be used for building purposes is scarce and is found in Shivaliks while stone for road metal is found in the beds of Solani, Hindon and Sukhrao streams. Excellent lime is also procured from the boulders covering the beds of the hilly torrents. The saline efflorescence which is known by the name of Rah is found in the low lying tracts and in the canal irrigated areas.

The physical features and the climatic conditions of this district have played an important role in shaping the history of Saharanpur district and making it an important part from the rest of the country.

Saharanpur is primarily and agricultural district. Roughly 70% of the land is under agricultural use still the region is of little importance from the point of view of pastures. Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of the district. One significant feature is that even though the agricultural land for food crops has reduced in recent years the food production has increased considerably. The significance of commercial crops have increased manifold as a consequence of sugarcane production. The important food crops of the region are Wheat, Rice, Maize, Jawar, Bajara, sugarcane; oilseeds, cotton and jute are the main commercial crops.

Many agro based industries have been developing across the Saharanpur district off late. One can also find number of cottage industries here. Saharanpur does not have enough mineral resources unlike other districts in Uttar Pradesh. However it has industrially backed itself with number of sugar and paper industries, cigarette industry and not to forget the ever famous wood carving industry. Wood work of Saharanpur district is world famous and is exported in many Western countries including USA, UK, Singapore, Sweden, and Kuwait.

  1. I.T.C. Saharanpur
  2. Wood Carving
  3. Star Paper Mill
  4. Sugar Industries
  5. Sand  Mining and Stone crashing

The development of transport system depends on the physical features and economic utility of the region. Transport system in the Bhabar region has not developed much due to Monuntaineous Rivers and uneven topography. In the Bangar region the roads and railway lines are developed due to favorable conditions like fertile land, high density of population and topography.

From the view point of industries and trade the region has great importance. The region produces agro-based and industrial goods which are sent to the various parts of the country. The trade flourishes and can be divided into three categories:

  1.  Food – Grains, Vegetables and Fruits. Milk and milk products.
  2.  Agro Based Industries – The most important industries are Sugar, Gur, (Cotton) Textile and Cigarettes.
  3. Industrial Goods- Paper, Sugarcane, Hosiery Material & Wood Carving.

Besides exporting goods from here the region also imports Coal, Iron–ore, Cement, Salt, Petroleum Products, Fertilizers, Oil-Seeds and Leather from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi and Bihar.
There are few malls located in the city such as GNG Mall, The GNG mall has a good multiplex theater.

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Saharanpur handicarft market, Uttar Pradesh.

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